finding happiness in everything

Bucket list Pending (subject to additions at any moment)

Activities, things to accomplish

3. See a sunset at a beach on the west coast.
6. Take the boys to eat vinegar pie on clinch mountain.
12. Hug the Eiffel Tower.
15. Sleep in a castle.
21. Find Bean Station again.
27. Go to the Appalachian Museum in the Fall. (Remember Virgie’s fried pies!!)
30. Go fishing…on a boat. (This one scares me. I have a phobia of water I can’t see through all the way to the bottom.)
33. Finish learning to play piano before Dad is gone.
34. Re-read Shogun.
35. Ride a horse
39. Learn to be an electrician.
40. Learn another language & speak it fluently.
46. Ride on a boat.
49. Drink coffee in Seattle.
52. Have Christmas at my house with all the girls, boys, & babies.
54. Tour a Naval ship.
58. Eat a steak – this one might kill me!!
59. Go to the Opera.
60. Go to the LMU Museum
62. Take the Ghost Tour of Haunted Middlesboro, KY by Larry Thacker.
68. Take the boys to Biltmore in the winter.
69. Go to the Lost Sea
76. Clear the clutter out of my life once a year. 2013 pending
77. Skydive
78. Tour a submarine.
84. Prepare lunch in the wild with no modern essentials.
86. Ride in a helicopter
92. Learn to shoot a gun.
93. Go to Oak Ridge TN’s Secret City Festival.
97. Swim under a waterfall.
98. Go on a long Biking trip with my Bianca Cortina. (had to sell it)
99. Ride on a motorcycle again…just like when I was a kid!!
101. Go scuba diving
103. See Rock City
106. Run through a field of wild flowers
107. Hug my best friends again
108. Tell everyone I meet how they have touched my life in a special way. (Give out Roses to the living.)
109. Laugh at least once every day for a year
110. Overcome my fear of algebraic equations
111. Stop Smoking
112. Become a Mermaid (just watch – I’ll do it!)
113. Adventure across the world’s longest swinging bridge
114. Visit Tukalleechee Caverns
115. Hike the other side of the Cumberland Gap
116. Tour the Boone Caverns
117. Go white water rafting
118. Zip line!
119. See a bear in the Smokey Mountains
120. Learn to shoot a long bow
121. Participate in a historical reenactment – (Civil war)
122. Run a 5k
123. Complete an obstacle course race
124. Participate in an archeological dig
125. Surf
126. Go tubing
127. Ride in a hot air balloon
128. Get a massage
129. Own a very nice camera and explore my own personal photography
130. Go camping
131. Go Bowling
132. Go Zorbing
134. Live Debt Free :-)


7. Go back to Beale St in Memphis & visit a blues bar.

11. Travel to Arklow.

14. Travel to Ireland.

16. Travel to Switzerland.
17. Travel to Holland.

41. Travel to Hawaii.
42. Travel to Mexico.
43. See a Cincinnati Reds game.
44. Travel to Colorado.
45. Travel to New York.

63. Visit Atlanta, GA
64. Go to Mississippi. Why? I have no idea!
65. Go to Canada, Aay!
66. Travel to Germany

70. Travel to Colonial North Carolina.
71. Go to Coney Island.
72. Visit Amish country

79. Travel to Egypt
80. Travel to Rome.
82. Travel underwater from London to France or something like that.

85. Travel to California

105. Travel to Warsaw

Comments on: "Bucket list Pending (subject to additions at any moment)" (25)

  1. itsmyaveragelife said:

    I enjoyed reading your list, I have been an electrician for over twenty five years now and it really was not much fun till I went to work for the railroad, now I get to be an electrician and work on locomotives. Its like working on great big toys. Thanks for your post.

  2. Reminder: Practice your piano!

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  5. Great list! Definitely have to do #44. I may be biased because I live in Colorado but still, you should do it, it’s beautiful here ;)

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  10. Time to work on writing my list, instead of keeping it in my head…. thanks for the inspiration! … Perhaps my followers will be inspired as well… I hope so, which is why I’ve honored you with the Versatile Blogger Award… you can see it here:


  11. This is a lovely list, and I hope you are able to achieve every one of these things! #41, 97 and 104 are on my list as well.
    It doesn’t have to be fancy or fantastic, it just has to be yours…..and thats all that matters. As long as you believe in them, you’ll have no problem doing this and so much more.
    Have a beautiful journey <3

  12. I think I should make my own bucket list, too! (and update it from time to time) :D

  13. I can help you with 92, 39, and 75, at least.

  14. I like the list! Gives me something to think about.

    • I’m happy it inspires thought. It took the loss of someone dear before I decided to make a list. It may not be fancy, fantastic, or as thrilling as others out there, but it’s a start in a good direction for my little family :-)

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